Move a document up or down in a sub-tree

You can easily move selected documents and sub-trees up or down within a specific sub-tree in a map.

The map must be locked.
Use the buttons at the top of the DITA Map view and DITA Map Editor to move documents up or down.
Note: If you move the parent topic of a sub-tree, all the child topics move with it.
  1. In the DITA Map view or DITA Map Editor, highlight the document you want to move.
  2. Click either:
    • The Move one level up button (move up arrow icon)
    • The Move one level down button (move down arrow icon)
    Tip: You can also use the CTRL+UP ARROW and CTRL+DOWN ARROW shortcut keys.
The document moves one level up or down.
Tip: You can use the CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y shortcut keys to undo and redo moves within a map.