Pre-publication flags

Icons in DITA Map view and DITA Map Editor let you quickly identify documents that are about to be published.

When you are working in an environment where there is a lot of document re-use, there is always the possibility that someone will demote a document that is being used in a map that's just about to be published. This will trigger a status cascade that will send the map, and possibly many of its subordinate documents, back to the beginning of the Authoring cycle. All of them will then have to be checked and promoted back to the appropriate level before the map can move on to the Publication cycle.

For this reason, as a map and its topics reach their final approval stage, IXIASOFT CCMS puts on pre-publication flags to warn people that these documents are about to be published.

Images are also flagged; you'll see these in Search Results, Dependencies view, or your Todo List.

The system will automatically remove the pre-publication flags when the map is published, or if it's demoted back to an earlier state.

Prepublication flags