Topic alert indicators in the DITA Map view and DITA Map Editor

Icons in these views let you quickly identify topics that are critical to the work flow.

When you are developing a large and complex document deliverable, it becomes difficult to spot the topics that are keeping the map from progressing to the next stage in the document development cycle. Similarly, if you are revising a large document, you'll want a way of identifying exactly which topics have changed so that you can make sure that they are reviewed. IXIASOFT CCMS marks these problematical topics so that you can easily spot them in the maps you're working on.

  • Blocking topics - When a topic at the beginning of a development cycle is added to a map, the system puts an alert indicator in the Status column. This indicator stays there until the topic advances to a state that will let the parent map advance into its own next state.

    When the map is promoted into its next state the alert indicator reappears on all topics. The indicator stays there until all topics advance to a state that lets the map move forward into the next cycle in the document development process.

  • Modified topics - If a map has gotten to Authoring:done (or an equivalent final state, such as Authoring:release), then as soon as you demote one of its constituent documents – whether topic or map – to an earlier state, the system puts an alert indicator into the document's Last Mod Date column. The icon is removed once the map returns to Authoring:done (or equivalent final state).

DITA Map topic alerts