Apply viewpoints to search results

You can apply a viewpoint to the search results to categorize all the results returned from the search.

You must create a viewpoint before you can apply it to the search results.

Applying a viewpoint lets you organize the search results according to the pre-defined criteria you set in your viewpoint.

To apply a viewpoint in the Search Results view:

  1. Perform a search.
    Your search results are displayed in the Search Results view.
  2. In the Search Results view, click the Select Viewpoint list and select a viewpoint.
    Figure: Apply a viewpoint to search results

    The search results are organized into folders according to the viewpoint selected.

    For example, the results of a topics search with Limit to: Orphans were grouped by version. The No value folder contains documents for which the selected criteria—Version in this example—were not defined.

    Figure: Search results grouped by version

  3. Click a folder to access the documents within it.
  4. (Optional): To exit the viewpoints mode, click the Select Viewpoint list and select None.