Search example: Searching for topics in a map with DITA elements

This example shows how to search for all the topics within a map that have the <draft-comment> element. You can use these steps as a guide to search for other topics with specific elements.

  1. Open the map in the DITA Map view.
  2. Open the Search view.
  3. In the Cycles panel, select Authoring.
  4. In the Document Types panel, select Topics.
  5. In the Search for panel, leave the text box empty.
  6. From the Search in drop-down, select draft-comment.
    Note: If the element you want to search for is not in the list, it has not been indexed for searching. Contact your system administrator.
  7. In the Limit to panel, select Dependencies of DITA Map view.
    Note: To search your entire Content Store, do not check this checkbox.
  8. Click Search.
    Note: If the Search button is disabled, check to see if you've supplied values in all the panels where one is required. Panels that need values show error messages such as the following.

    search language needed

The Search Results view lists all the topics that are child dependencies of the map and also contain at least one <draft-comment> element.