Validate out-of-scope links

The Validate Links command detects any out-of-scope links, that is, links that point to documents that are not in the current map. This command also applies to reltables: If a reltable contains a reference to a topic that is not in the map scope, the Validate Links command returns an out-of-scope error.

You cannot publish a map that contains out-of-scope links. You should run this command regularly to confirm that all your links are correct.

  1. Click the DITA Map view’s Menu button. Down arrow
    The view's pull-down menu appears.
  2. Select Validate Links.
    IXIASOFT CCMS scans all the files in the map and checks that all the links refer to documents that are in the map.
    If no out-of-scope link is detected, the following message is displayed:
    No out-of-scope link
    If out-of-scope links are detected, a message similar to the following is displayed:
    Out-of-scope link detected
    This message indicates that one or more documents in your map refer to the topic "Default roles" (with ID mal1306465423706), but this topic is not in the map. To find this reference:
    1. Search for the topic with ID mal1306465423706 or click Locate.
    2. View the dependencies of the topic, and look for the Cross-referenced by section.
      For example:
      View dependencies
      This view shows that topic "Assign documents to users" is referencing the topic "Default roles." If you open the "Assign documents to users" topic, you will probably find the faulty link. You can fix it and run the command again.