Create a topic stub

Topic stubs let you create an empty position in a map; they act as place holders and can be used to create document outlines.

The map must be locked.

If you're creating <topicref> elements in a map, you can use the Create Topic Stub dialog to simultaneously assign navtitles and type attributes.

This procedure simultaneously creates a topic stub and supplies the necessary attribute values.

  1. Open the map in the DITA Map view.
  2. Highlight the map element where you want to insert the new element.
  3. Click the DITA Map view's Create Topic button (create file icon).
    The Create Topic Stub dialog appears.
  4. Enter a topic title in the Topic Title box.
  5. Select a template from the Topic Template list.
  6. Click Create.

A new <topicref> element is added to the map and assigned navtitle and type attributes based on your entries in the Create Topic Stub dialog. You can change navtitle and type, if you want, by editing these attributes.

The topic will be created when you generate topic stubs.