Generate topic stubs

This procedure generates topics from the elements in a map.

  • The map must be locked.
  • Navtitle attributes must be assigned to <topicref> elements.
  • Type attributes must be assigned to <topicref> elements.
After you have inserted <topicref> elements and assigned each element a navtitle and type attribute, you are ready to turn these elements into topic stubs.
Note: If any of your elements do not have navtitle attributes, you won't be able to start the generation process.
  1. Open the map in the DITA Map view.
  2. Click the DITA Map view’s Menu button (Down arrow).
    The view's pull-down menu appears.
  3. Select Generate Stubs.
    The Generate From Stub dialog appears.

    This dialog displays all the <topicref> elements in the map that have not yet been turned into topics.

    If a title is displayed in red it is not in a valid state for stub generation. The Comment column shows the reason. In the screen shot below, three of the titles are showing "Missing or invalid template". This may be because their type attributes have not been set.

    Generate topic stub
  4. (Optional): You can assign a topic type at this time by selecting a Template.
    This method can also be used to change topic types on the fly.

    Assign Stub template
  5. (Optional): You can edit any Title at this time, if you want.
  6. Select the elements that you want to generate stubs from.
    If you select the checkbox next to the map Title, you can generate stubs from all the elements that are ready.

    Generate stubs from ready
  7. Click OK.
The selected map elements are turned into topics, using the templates appropriate for the type, and are added to the map.